Si Lintah Lintah

Lintah. Leech.
Have u ever heard of it?
But these leeches happened to be among human being too.
Kenapa? How? Well...
When u met these type of people yang hanya look for u when they want the benefit to have u around them.
Yes, I call them leeches.
Menempel/melekat when they are in needs of u then suck ur blood out of ur system with zero mercy.
If u go and find them to ask for a help, they won't help u but they always try to look for u when they in needs of help.
They don't care if u r studying for a test, working ur ass off, or have a work to do, they want u to always be there to HELP them.
I thought hanya jumpa these kind of people during my highschool years, apparently I was wrong.
I do meet them, until this time.
I thought it was over but NO, they are always around.
No wonder I have a trust issue with people.
Problem with me, I have a very high tolerance with these people.
Always try to be there even though I know, they are only want use me.
My kind of problem...
It is funny sometimes, when I ask for a help, not for someone else but their own family member, as easy as snapping two fingers they tells u a NO while even for benda remeh they come crawling to u to ask for a help.
These kind of people, have no shame.
What a thick-skinned they are.
No wonder human being came close to the extinction.
Even God can't help but despised them.