Is it?

I knew there must be something wrong with us, i meant, me especially? After all that he had done (cruelty, you name it!) I am still here with him.

I don't know what or who to believe in to. Aten said her husband did told her that Hakim must have been using the ilmu his mom gave to him to used it on me but i have got no proof on that but if you think logically, siapa je yang tahan with this kind of abusive relationship. NONE. But hey, I am here tho.

Lepas kena pukul, sumpah dan maki hamun I am still here acting like a submissive maid instead of a girlfriend. I can't say no cause whenever I did, you'll know I will ended up in the situation of being helpless. I wanted to let him go but whenever the time comes I ended up begging for him to stay.

Ya Allah, aku merayu sangat if he did such thing to me, I beg and I pray to you, tunjukkan dia kebenaran. Tunjukkan dia ilmu duniawi dia tak ke mana. Tunjukkan kekuasaanMu. Sesungguhnya doa orang yang teraniaya itu pastu didengari. Ameen.