My words hurts, aren't it?
Well, sorry for not being sorry. Because after all this time, all that i can be is mean and cruel because being nice makes people taking me for granted and just like any of us, i HATE such things happens to me. 

I've had enough of those bullshits, where people easily pointed out a finger on me. Chose me to take those responsibilities that wasn't even mine at the 1st place. Not enough with that, most of them just using me for their own sake. I am not a tools for u to use. I am not a brainstormer for u to makes me brainstorming all the ideas that u've made me. I am not ur chauffeur that u can ask to drive u around. 

For these past few years, i've seen alot than more that i could see. At first, they were such an angels like. Innocence and did things right but time changed people just like it changed me. I've seen them used me but i act nothing, because i thought they'll change back, somehow, that never happens. 

I guess, its time to draw myself from such life. Better off alone just like what i used to be. Keeping me for myself and not anyone else. It could be lonely sometimes,but it helps in save my soul from being taken by the rough world.