Mr. Nov wasn't really nice to me..

Cry cry cry.. 
Why ????? Bcuz mr Nov not being so nice to me ...
Hmm hmmm hmm. 

Hello peeps and Assalamualaikum. How r ya'll? Me. Well now i actually can really put some ease on my mind as the hectic weeks has passed. Now just have to prepare myself w/ stressin' weeks as i'm gonna take my examination papers, soon. 

Good and bad things happened during these past few weeks. Which is for a good thing, these lady got a chance to be an emcee for a day for a student media's event  and i didn't even had any nerve breakin' moment during that time which is weirdly happened! ||check on the photo,below||and for a bad things, i'm out of control over myself quite a few times! ||put a blame on a STRESS|| good thing the event went well altho a few mistakes happened but umm.. Lets forget about it, kay? 

To tell ya'll, i do really quite a few times being out of controlled! I just SNAP out and being angry over something weren't really that bad ||a few ones,does BAD enough to be mad at|| no examples cuz i think its better being unsaid as it is all over by now. ||does it really????|| 

Well, about the event. I'm so proud over all of my classmates cuz managed to put out together a good event where's involved a few big names in Malaysia media industry. ||applause everybody|| thanks to Abang Afdlin Shauki and Kak Wardina Saffiyah that willingly to spent their time with us on that day. 
Good job everyone! 

As soon as the event has done, its time to focus on the other subjects on this semester. A few days after the event, my group and i had a presentation for communication law, alhamdulillah it went well during the presentation. Then my other group in Pengajian Malaysia managed to sent our assignment right on time, well its bcuz i did finished it a month and a half before the submission date. ||lucky much!|| same things happened for my other group assignment in Research class. Alhamdulillah it all went well. 

4 done and left with only 2 more to go. Within this few upcoming weeks, gotta focus on finishing the assignment for Japanese 2 which is making a short movie and for PDL group assignment which we have to come out w/ the proposal and 3 print ads which not yet done. Altho its only a few but still there's a lot to be done with. May it all went smoothly.

I guess that's it for now. I've got nothing left to said. Untill then, meet ya'll later! PEACE!!