assalamualaikum and hello every......single human being?! teehee...!

how r ya'll? hope semuaaaaaaaaa is doing great.

now, on my current post, i'm sadly posting that i'm not doing great with my health.
(please cry me the Han River, oyasumi!)

it is almost a week now. seminggu yang cuuuuukkkooopppppp menyiksakan as my health is a bit off for this week. SELESEMA (flu) adding up with cough and headache is actually a great combo for me to have an excuse for having a rest but there's so much in the pocket for me to do jadi rehat/rest/break was a BIG no no no no NO at the time being. hmm. too bad huh!? but then.. thank god that today is weekends and yesterday which were also almost a week i've got a fever i'd finally met the doctor that i used to met before and ask him to check on my health. yeah, got some treatment over my fever. the doctor said that, tekak luka siked so that's why there's a blood each time i cough so there's a must me to do kumur kumur (betolkan ejaan tu??) w/ salted water to ease the itchy on the throat aka mengurangkan siked rase na batok tuuuu. Alhamdulillah, there's a progress. kurang siked batok and i think my fever is going down a bit than before.

altho' its not automatically cure yet, but it is in the middle of the process. so we shall see the result w/in a few more days. btw, it is good to feel sick once in a while so we can actually appreciate our health even more. it's a winter season aka  monsoon/raining season in here so take care of ur health and keep warm! that's it, astalavista!