I'm talkin in my words. JUST READ!!

Hello hello hello!!! (Why am i sooooo excited?? Is there any reason??) 
These few days, i've been in a quite busy day EVER! 
With a ice cream stall need to be taken care of (is not like i'm the only one tho') and with test, midterm examination, rushing between shah alam and klang, classes and a few more businesses need to be lookin at.. U should know, that these week is a sleepless weeks for me!!

I guess its okay, since i've already have my few months breaks before. So i shall make myself more busy than just stays home, aite?? 

Well, altho' i'm all busy for these weeks but that doesn't means that i've missed out any story or anything around me (well there is some of it that i'd missed out but that's okay) so, where should i start to tell ya about??? How bout the recent news that i knew.. Hahaha. Non other than a news from the South Korea country. U know, seems like Kim Kibum is goin out with a cute and petite actress known as Moon Geung Young!! I wish Miss Moon will go out with Jang Geun Seok yet i guess is not their fate to be together. So good luck with their new beginning!! There's also other news and gossips such as JYP has began his married life, Kim's engagement, Kris Jenner's divorce news and some other gossips.

Erm.. There's also a new movies coming out these weeks such like new Thor's movie, some malays' movies and some other yet i still didn't get the chance to watch 'em...maybe LATER >< btw, my brain kept on playin a song from Justin Bieber's latest single (not his fan tho') RECOVERY. I guess because that song has that 'charm' element that made me stuck to it :P and just now on twitter, an anonymous justa awe me with he/her praise on me. Kamsahaeyo! (These is the reason why am i sound so excited from the beginning)

In a few days ago, i've gave myself a gift! I purchased myself a mini iPad. Well, my bestie did accompanying me during that time as if i don't take her along, i'll probably can't made up my mind on which iPad that i'll be purchased on that time ;3 silly me!! So, she officially have a spot on my iPad in the photo section. Hahahaha!! She's the first person invended the photo section ;P (i'm sooo happy for myself) and i'm really inlove with this mini winnie!!! (a name for my mini iPad)

I guess, that's it for now. I'll be showering u guys with a photos from these weeks moments!! Hasta Lavista ;) 
sleepy in PDL evening class
bad traffic while coming back from evening class T.T
the sundae that i've made for the first time ;)
with fellas at our ice cream stall
kids that i've met at section 7
midnite cafe at mcD with bestie
delicious meal!
with le bestie
fellas at our ice cream stall
i love these big ice cream!
with fella in the research class