Terungkai sudaaaaa!!

Assalamualaikum, ape kabo yop?!!
Ececece. Me? Is doing so much fine ;) 

So here's a thing, i do read a few news aka gossip involving these couple. U know about Aeril Zafrel n Wawa Zainal? Hot malatopzzz gitu! There's a gossip saying that they have a child together yet they not married,before. But, it just yesterday, both Aeril Zafrel n Wawa Zainal  had come clean! Sorry Malaysian ladies n gentleman, both of this MALATOPZZZ actor n actress is actually been a year OFFICIALLY MARRIED!!!!! So about the baby that they had is actually came from their LEGAL marriage.. so no bad talks and just pray for their happiness, kay folks! ;)

U know, i do scrolled down for some comments from the FB, TWITTER n so much more media networks about their gossip (Aeril Zafrel&Wawa Zainal), some people wish them a happiness yet some other saying a bad things. And for this bad commenters, i means seriously.. They're married ALREADY! Y did u guys still talking bad about them? Let 'em be, u guys. Let they live their life as a married couple, kay! ;) ermm.. I wonder what their baby looks like. Both of the parents r so handsome and gorgeous so i guess... the baby for sure is an ANGEL ><

Kay kay. Enough for now. Ape ape pon, i wish for Aeril Zafrel & Wawa Zainal a great happiness! Until then, i'm signing off ~~