Why oo why...!!!

Ohayo gozaimasu!!!
This morning are really makes me annoyed by almost all the things that i touch! Know why???? Well becuz my maybank acc has been blocked!! I thought i used the right password for login yet it said i used the wrong one and i tried it so many times which cause the bigger problem ---> BLOCKED!!

Why would it be wrong?! I know that i already used the same password and i didnt change it since the first time i opened it but then why it wouldnt matched!?!?!? RETARDED BANK ACC!!!! Now i have to go to the centre to fixed it. Gosh!! So ****ing annoying laa!!! Why would they created the limit!!?!?

And there's one more thing! Everytime i tried to opened up the blogger acc pn my lappy it just doesnt working properly! I really ****ing hate that kind of things when it happened!

Guess enough for a while! Need to cool off myself. Later on, probably will updating about an AWESOME British Man that i've met ^^ BYE