even the luckiest person on the earth would faced up difficulties, challenges on their own terms. 
fears would probably make it worst. afraid of losing everything. afraid u would sink in the ocean of desire and temptation. 
while every single person told u to get through it with ur head up. u keep on thinking, would u be able to make it? u would be able to faced it?
doubt always keep on bothering u. keep on clinging in ur mind. making ur worries even bigger than ever.
and there's no end for it. 
but don't worry.
u r not the only one.
and believe this, there is some else just like u.
every human being will always be in fears and doubt no matter what, when or where.
that's in our nature, my dear.
listen this.
take a deep breath, and looks around u.
look at how beautiful the world has been created by our Almighty.

p/s : i don't what i'm trying to say. AHAHA