busy me :)

hey hey hey. assalamualaikum. i guess its been a while i didn't blogging, ryte? sorry. as u can see, tonight i slept as late as the other days before. so, here some activities that i could share with u guys out there. once again SORRY if it probably boring.

^^ as the last two blog post, i'm telling u guys that i'll busy with all the activities ryte. yes i am. as a masscommer, i'm not just studying in the class, do assignment only requires us to typing aka re-type like before. i do some out door activities. some assignment need us to used other environment to created a good scene and nice story board. most of the assignment were in the group. u think its easy? actually its not. believed me, for communication skills we already do 5 out 6 solo assignment. and i don't know how much more sir want us to do. hehe. for grouping. well, i have to different groups. but both for pengajian islam. 1st group is just like searching the information than do the typing stuff. but for the 2nd group. we need to do 15mins video, well, its actually more to story i guess and we require to wrote our own script. seems easy but to do it? need to cross our fingers for it to be finish!

i did mention about GPMS before, so yes! i do a bit busy because of it. i'm practically like working if u can see how i live my life now ^^ going out in the early morning just don't want to face a traffic jam. then classes or grouping assignment. yup! i'm going back home in the middle of the night. just like a couple of weeks before, i'm joining the debate team in GPMS and the training is always done after the midnight. and last week, i do some poet things and yes the training always finish after midnight. trust me, the only day that i watch tv is only YESTERDAY since i started with the classes ^^  and for the most of the time when i had a free time, probably feeling up with sleeping :P