COMEBACK -heart attact!

Jyeah!! Aziatix makes a great comeback, yaww! haha. i didn't had a sleep since last nyte just to wait for the new MV aka song to been release and... it's worth it!! trust me it is...!!!! when the mv was released people keep saying that Flowsik has lost weight and looks like, it is! he's looking AMAZING! Nicky? He AWESOMEness just burst out strongly like always. oke oke oke! i'm a great fan of Eddie so i've been had under a HEART ATTACT just to see his new hair do!!!! >.<!!! and currently i felt like we were on the same taste of hairstyle cuz i love to tide my hair just like what Eddie's do in that new mv. btw, my mom says that Eddie has that same kind of hair type - just his hair a little bit longer than mine :D. sorry for others but yeah WE DO!!! >.<!! <3 <3 <3 haha. enough enough enough. u guys must go watch the mv! and now, time for me to take some rest :D go go, baby roll - ADIOS!

p/s : actually, u already can listen to their new song on my blog [playlist] :P amazing ryte, ryte!! u better say it ryte, baby >.<