alamak! cair sudaaaa~

click click click~~! melayan 2 tabs yg kedua-2nye adalah youtube. ape yg d lihat? well, 1 tab utk heartstrings. 1 tab lg plak utk AZIATIX. hehe. weyh weyh weyh. cair wooo. tgok Aziatix perform life. alahaiiiii. btw. bg peminat eddie. here some of Eddie's ideal type. he want a girl that is very loving, caring and... cooks well! I CAN!! :P perasan. punye puas cari maklumat pasal dye, finally tao gak serba serbi. :P can't wait for Aziatix come down to Malaysia. sanggop wooo ikat perot demi tiket dorang. erk! tade pown ura-2 dorang na datang. just hope. mne tao kott-2 dorang terpikir na wat fan meeting kat area KL kennn. :D 

here is some of info about Eddie Shin of Aziatix! :D enjoy. [just Eddie <3]

Debut name : Eddie [Edison] Shin
Real name : Shin Seung Yong
Birthdate : November 20th 1986
Birthplace : Boston, MA [but when he was 10y/o, his family moved to Korea]
Height : 179cm
Weight : 70kg
Hobbies : playing basketball
School : Recorded Music Major, New York University
Music genre : R&B, pop
Ideal Type : some one who is VERY caring, loving and can cooks well

 He is a singer, songwriter and composer that has a smooth and beautiful voice. Eddie has been writing songs since age 16. He made his debut with his self-produced album "Just My Way" which become a hit in the local Korean music scene in 2005. After debuting, he had to take some time off to finish his studies in New York University at the Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music founded by Clive Davis who is a legend in American music industry. In 2009, he made a comeback with his digital single "Over" [also written and  composed by himself]. He contributed to OSTs for many Korean drama as well as composing, writing and producing for other K-pop artists such as Wheesung, Soulstar and 4minute. As on 2011, together with Nicky Lee and Flowsik this trio debut as a group called AZIATIX :D

p/s: went i watch their concert or fan meeting. i'm a bit jealous with the fans cause they got the chance to meet and hold the hand of Aziatix especially Eddie. >.<!!