movies :D

during semester break is all about what movies that i get to see at the theater near by or on the television *winkwinkwink meanwhile i told u guys what movies that i get to watched i also currently watching #stylestar on the television [E! tv] [just saying tho']

watched this already? yeah. me too! this movie really get me jump off from my seat at the theater with my bestie hannah! [sumpah gempak!!]

THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN. how about it? are you done watching it? me? hell yeah! and its amazing and more down to earth as what they were saying on E!. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

if i'm not mistaken it is last year movie but at that time i didn't get a chance to watch it so thanks to Astro Citra to play it on the screen ;)

what else? i didn't really can recall it all. but since i have this new PVR from Astro so most the time in my room i watch korean's drama such like Miss Ahjunma, Ghost, Bravo My Life, The Chaser, Love You Thousand Times and Paradise Ranch but my fav definitely Ghost!!! [haha. menternak laa jawapannye tuuu. eh! suke aty laa ken] erm.. oke then. i want to watch the programme that i already recorded. gud mornyte!